Spanish Gem Academy
Leone Langslag

Practical Instruction

While it is certainly possible to learn about the various instruments used to identify gemstones, and the scientific principles they are based upon, the identification of gemstones requires years of practical experience.

At the Spanish Gem Academy we place tremendous emphasis not only on the theoretical study of gemmology but also the practical aspects. To achieve this goal, we offer practical workshops for students to gain 'hands on' experience working with the equipment used in gemmology and the techniques used to identify gemstones. In certain courses, these practical workshops are an integral component of the course (Career Gemmology, Gem Identification, Diamonds and Coloured Gemstones), and are designed to ensure competence and confidence when working with gemstones.

Overview of Practical Requirements

Course Practical Requirement
Basic Gemmology No
Advanced Gemmology No
Gem Identification Yes
Diamonds Optional *
Coloured Gemstones Optional *
Career Gemmology Yes
Opals and Jade No
Organic Gems No

* Students who are taking the five individual course components (Basic, Advanced, Gem Identification, Diamonds and Coloured Gemstones) that comprise the 'Career Gemmology' program are required to fulfill the diamond and coloured gemstone practical grading requirements of this program.

For an overview of our compulsory practical workshops, please click here